This site is a landing page for my creative works. I write fiction and create illustrations. Sometimes I make playlists and other supplementary materials. I wanted a space where I could gather all my work rather than spreading it out across various sites.

If you like what you see here, leave a kudos or comment! All of these illustrations, stories, and playlists are labors of love. Podfic, art, icons, fanmixes, translations, or anything else based on the stories listed here is welcome and will be included on the main story's info page.



When Taehyun unintentionally summons the spirit of Syd Reed, a school shooter from a nearby town, he plans on sending the evil motherfucker back to Hell — at least until Syd presents him with an insane challenge: reform the mass murderer into a “good” person.

Soon, Taehyun begins to see a startlingly human and relatable side of Syd, a side he can’t reconcile against the brutal killer he’s only known through news reports. As Syd’s moral compass shifts, he becomes Taehyun’s first love, a love that transgresses all the rules of life and death.

But the butterfly effect from Syd’s past actions has dangerous ripples that hit closer to home than Taehyun could have ever imagined.

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October 1, 2021
The Nobodies

New original fic is up! The Nobodies~ Updates will be Wednesdays and Sundays until Halloween. I might add some illustrations to the fic page if I make more.

  • In Progress
  • Something Borrowed (dub-con brocest angstfest) First Draft
  • Heroine Addict (90s vidya game lesbians) Outlining

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